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Dual Listing & Going Public @ the ADX: Abu-Dhabi Securities Exchange

To the UAE and Beyond

Are you a Public or a Private Company in Israel?
Are you a CEO of a Technology Company?
Do you have a business focus on the UAE & GCC & India?
Looking for expansion in the region & capital raise?

The ADX is Waiting for YOU
Through a fast and confidential process we will check your eligibility to dual list your company or merge with a SPAC at the ADX
WHY the ADX - Abu-Dhabi Securities Exchange
  • The UAE leaders demonstrate unparallel vision setting and uncompromising execution.

  • The UAE, as the capital of the GCC and India, has untapped opportunities for technology companies looking to start or expand operations in the region.

  • Following the Abraham Accords, those opportunities are now open for Israeli technology companies.

  • To expand in the region, those companies must establish operations in the UAE.

  • Abu-Dhabi is a key regional hub:

    • AA rating

    • home to 3 of the world's largest wealth funds and

    • no. #16 in the world in doing business.

  • The ADX is

    • home to 69 public companies and 24 debt instruments

    • its companies market cap growth between 2020-2021 was 119% (to AED1,626b) and

    • trade value going up by over 400%!.

  • Index growth in 2021 was 68%.

  • 40% of the investors are international - over 1mn investors.


  • Dual listing or Going Public in the ADX will allow the company to:

  • Establish credibility in the region, with customers and governmental agencies.

  • Expand reach via strategic partnerships.

  • Get access to top talent: with UAE proven history of attracting top professionals.

  • Enjoy the UAE unique tax benefits and region’s free trade alliances.

  • Get access to the UAE’s benefits and rebates for newly established activity.

  • Get access to capital from diversified investors with increased liquidity & potentially valuation.

Abu-Dhabi Securities Exchange
רות פלמון. קרדיט לצילום שרון לוין (2).jpg
Experince, Connection and Focus on Results, for over 20 years 

Ruth Palmon, Company's CEO, helps Israeli companies go public in international security exchanges

  • Well connected with the right decision makers

  • Experienced taking companies to their next international expansion phase via public platforms


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About Us
Fund Raising at the ADX - Abu-Dhabi Securities Exchange
Dual - Listing for Public Companies


Dual Listing for Public Companies is a quick and efficient process.
It includes consultation with the ADX.
Appointing Sponsor Broker and Liquidity Broker
Meeting with corner stone investors and strategic partners
Translation of major documents to Arabic
Formal application, roadshow and fund raising and
Dual Listing: increased liquidity via trade volume and potentially increased valuation.


Merging into a SPAC - for Private Companies

Defining a clear strategy for expansion in the GCC region via UAE operation.

Introduction to strategic partner in the UAE.

Establishing operation in Abu-Dhabi and expanding operation via the partnership with the strategic partner.

Merging into a SPAC at the Abu-Dhabi Securities Exchange.

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The Process
Who could benefit from the process

Companies that have business activity in the region, or a concrete business plan to start such activity

Potential unicorns that answer a severe "pain" in the region.

An established company with sales and key customers.

Experienced and charismatic management team.

For Public Companies considering Dual Listing:

At least 2 years of operational profit.

Market Cap > USD15m.

Who is eligible?
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Contact Us

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