Live the Life that You Deserve

You Are a Successful, Happy Woman
and yet...
You Know There is More in Life for You

You are in a great place in your life: you are happy, prosperus and successful.
Maybe your career is great, maybe you are so happy with your family, maybe you are sportive and active.
And yet, you know that world has more for you.
To help you navigate this MORE, I am here. Come meet me for a short and focused coaching
During a short, 2 months long process, we will work together to define a clear goal and build the roadmap to achieving it
What is Focused Coaching?

Thank to my work with Ruth, I understood that I want more of this world, I deserve more and I can have it.
Prior to working with her I settled working as a graphic designer and go with the flow. Now I believe in myself.
I strive for full self-fulfillment and satisfaction in my daily life and work

  • Live the life that you want

  • A short, 2 months long process, with a weekly meeting

  • We will work to achieve a well defined goal

  • We will understand what motivates you and what woman you will become once this goal is achieved

  • We will create and assimilate new habits

  • We will prepare a concise and workable action plan

  • We will face the challenges together and will have you well prepared for road's challenges

Personal and Professional Sensitivity
Results - focused. With over 20 years of experience

Who Am I? Personal Coach for Happiness and Success

  • An Experienced Coach for growth processes

  • Hands on experience in assimilating good habits in everyday life

  • Successful career taking technology companies to listings in international security exchanges (IPOs)


Successfully leading change and growth processes, also for myself

  • An active CrossFit and Yoga Practitioner

  • Eating the Paleo Diet, based on abundance of natural food - keep the fun of eating and without calories count

  • Regular meditator, practicing the WIM-HOF breathing technic and cold showers 

Formal Education

  • B.Sc. Computer Science and Business Administration, the Hebrew University

  • MBA Finance, Raichman University

  • NLP Practitioner, Coach, Member of ICF (International Coaching Federation) 

רות פלמון_edited.jpg
The Growth Process  - Two Stages of Change
Stage 2: Build an action plan and toolbox for success
Stage 1: Understanding the current situation and your winning picture
  • Understanding the current situation: Where you are today in the various areas of your life. How happy are you with this status.

  • Identifying the exact area in your life where you want to make a change

  • Clearly define the desired situation and feeling when you are there

  • Understanding the challenges and obstacles on the road to success

  • A clear understanding of your tools and strengths on the road to success

  • Building a concrete plan of action for success

  • Replacing inhibiting habits with promoting habits

  • Dealing with challenges and fears that arise in the process

  • Building a winning environment for success

  • לנשים באמצע החיים שכבר עשו והצליחו ויודעות שהן רוצות יותר מהחיים שלהן כאן

  • לנשים מחויבות שיודעות שכדי לחיות את החיים שהן ראויות להם, צריך לעבוד

למי זה מתאים?

אני מכיר את רות מ- 2013 כשעבדה במחיצתי משך כ-4 שנים כשותפה מלאה בעשרות עסקאות בתחום המיזוגים והרכישות שהגיעו לשולחננו.

מעבר להשכלתה הפורמלית הרחבה, רות הינה בעלת כישורים יוצאי דופן מוכחים המתבטאים ביכולותיה לנתח כלכלית עסקאות מורכבות ולפשט הליכי עבודה מול המוכרים/משקיעים. 

לרות לויאליות גבוהה לעובדים ולארגון וניתן לסמוך עליה. יש לה יכולת ביטוי מצוינת, וכושר למידה בלתי נילאה. במשך שנות עבודתנו המשותפת, רות תרמה רבות לשותפות שביננו ואפשרה לחברה לשדרג את עצמה בענף המורכב של מיזוגים ורכישות.

אני ממליץ עליה בחום גם כבן אדם ערכי ביותר, עם אוזן כרויה ורצון לתרום."

יוסף שמאי מנכ"ל ובעלים של "פרגמטיק אינטרנשיונל בע"מ"

As I have led many processes, I know exactly what can keep you from living the life you deserve, these are some of the questions I heard at the beginning from trainees I accompanied for change - and my answers to them:

I want to but my husband / children / friends object

A coaching process is a process that can be life-changing.

The change will affect you and your environment immediately.

It is important to understand the reason for the oppositions of the immediate environment and deal with them, a winning and supportive environment is essential for success.

I can do it myself, no need for external advice


You are successful in many areas of you life, there is no doubt that you can succeed well in this process as well.

But why pay the prices?

As with many issues, one sometimes needs an outside eye to see what works and what does not.

The tools I have and the vast experience I have gained in working with successful women just like you will allow me to work with you to set the right goal, build the exact plan to be fulfilled, put into your life promoting habits that will replace inhibiting habits and deal with the challenges and fears that sometimes arise in the process.

Such a move requires attention and time: I just do not have time for it. It will add to my countless tasks and just so I can not stand the pressure


Certainly such a process requires attention and work.

This is your life, it is worth every investment.

And when you focus your attention on what really matters, the stress will go down and your satisfaction will go up.

This seems to be an expensive process. I have no money now for such a process

Working with me is not cheap.

When you go into a life-changing coaching process, you want to work with the best and that comes at a price.

When we open the channel of abundance, money will also flow more easily.
At the same time, the price may surprise you, talk to me.


Is NOW the right time?


Timing is everything.
The best way to check if this is the right time for you is to fill out the matching questionnaire and have a call with me.




Coaching Process Questionnaire

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